In the spring of 2019 Unga Klara takes on its first world-wide tour with a large ensemble and a wide range of seminars and panel discussions.

Since 1975, Unga Klara has been a unique theatre company in Sweden and in the world. With our focus on children’s perspective, constant artistic renewal and research, we strive to present the highest quality of art about what really matters to and for children and young people.

In January 2018, Unga Klara was appointed by the Swedish government to be the national stage for children’s and youth theatre. This is a historic recognition and acknowledgement of the significance of high quality art for young people and Unga Klara’s accomplishments over the years..

Unga Klara’s mission is to stage productions for and with young audiences around important issues and to create life-embracing theatre about challenging and urgent topics for our audiences. Now, as National Theatre, we are ready to leaves the home stage and meet audiences where you are.

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The following productions are included in Unga Klara On Tour


Director: Farnaz Arbabi
Playwrights: Dimen Abdulla, Erik Uddenberg, Mara Lee among others
Audience: From 14 years and up, young adults

X is a play about living in Sweden today, with the background of Sweden’s colonial and racist history. How Sweden has acted with indifference, condemned and excluded and mercilessly divided the people. We have exploited the country and taken us right to own people. The Sami children did not attend ordinary schools until the 1950s. The last Swedish slave was redeemed in October 9th 1847.

X is also about that part of you that is afraid. But it’s everyone’s fear, everyone’s anxiety about change. In X we are approaching perhaps the most urgent issue of our time: How do we live together? With humor, pain and sorrow, we are shaken and tampering with the ingrained vision of the world.


Girls Will Make You Blush

Director and choreographer: Gustav Deinoff, Mari Carrasco
Playwright: Åsa Lindholm
Audience: From 13 years and up, young adults

The becoming of a woman is one of the most important and urgent topics that you can possibly talk about. How does society relate to a girl that takes her physical steps out of childhood? Is female sexuality so gentle, fragile and non-existent as they say? Why is menstruation so stigmatized that even in tampon commercials it’s shown as transparent and blue? Girls will make you blush! is a combination of dance and theatre that moves within the minds and bodies of girls during puberty. An energetic, fast-paced and funny performance wherein the voices of young girls are loud, direct and shameless. Direct, disarming and deep into detail with a serious sense of humor.


My True Selves

Director: Gustav Deinoff
Playwright: Erik Uddenberg
Audience: 8-12 years, students and staff in grades 3-6

My true selves is a critically acclaimed and interactive classroom performance about identity, playing with the idea that we do not only have one core, but many. The play is the starting-point for an in-depth conversation about identity and norm-criticism. It has mainly been played in classrooms, with interaction with the audience intertwined in the play.

While playing this piece it has become evident that the play provides unique opportunities for a genuine encounter and exchange between the audience and the actors, as a group experience as well as on an individual level. It is an ongoing vital platform for a series of highly rewarding encounters with numerous audiences of children and young adults, and has also been staged abroad in cities such as Reims (France), Pskov, 
St Petersburg (Russia) and Sulemania (Kurdistan, Iraq).

Because I say so

Director: Farnaz Arbabi
: In process
: From 3-6 years

It is how you ask our parents about how we want things instead of asking us directly. That you demand an answer to the question ’what do you say?’ before you giv eus what we ask for.

Every time you talk about us it is as if we were not in the room.

Every time you demand a hug or a kiss without asking us what we want.

When you think you can punish us.

How you snort at this text because you think we are only children.

How can we learn to listen when you don’t listen to us?